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Waverly Utilities supporting the community through
better technology

The Next Gigabit City!

It may have taken 15 years of planning and hard work to finally come together, but knowing what’s to come, it’s worth the wait.

Digital Telephone

You’ve never heard anything this clear. Super clear and reliable phone service is just around the corner. Here’s the best part. You can call anywhere AND talk as long as you want. Long distance is a thing of the past.

Reliable and Crystal Clear

It’s there when you need it and you’ve never heard telephone this clear.

High Speed Internet

You don’t know what to do with all this speed. It redefines your home entertainment. Streaming HD video and music is now at your fingertips. But here’s the best part. There’s no cap on your service. Download as much as you want, it’s all included in your price. AND all of your wireless devices, including your TVs will connect wirelessly to your new fiber gigacenter. Imagine the possibilities.

Buffering? What Buffering?

Faster internet for improved streaming of online music and video.

Easy to set up.

Just plug and play. Your entire house is quickly connected to some of the fastest internet around. AND you won’t have to deal with unsightly wires. It’s all wireless.

Cable Television

Bundle and save. Get the Waverly Utilities triple play package where you subscribe to TV, Phone and Internet and save big. Compare our prices and see how much you can be saving every month. From video on demand to all HD channels, Waverly Utilities is bringing you the best in cable TV and it’s just about here.

The Best Entertainment Value Around

Local support and local service. What could be better than supporting your local community and getting one of the best values in cable TV around.

Easy to set up

Just plug and play. Your total entertainment package is available by wirelessly connecting to your own gigabit center.


Using light over glass threads to transmit data at very high speeds. This is done at speeds that are not attainable with copper lines.

Green Technology
It takes far less energy to send a signal via light vs. sending an electrical signal over copper lines.
Fiber is more secure in how it transmits data.
Fiber isn’t affected by weather conditions.
One of the fastest fiber connections can transmit the equivalent of 10.3 million 1.5 DSL connections.
Fiber is lighter which makes it easier to install and work with.
Symmetrical bandwidth (same upload speed as download speed) allowing for much longer transmission distances and high signal rates.
PLANNING for tomorrow WHILE PROVIDING for today

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